From Author Troy Nelson, just in time for Christmas Caroling, here's 16 Easy Christmas Songs for Fingerpicking Guitar.

Easy Christmas Songs for Fingerpicking Guitar
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Learn to play 16 Easy Christmas Songs ofr Fingerpicking Guitar with quick & easy fingerstyle gutiar arrangements.

Classic Christmas carol music is presented in easy-to-follow popular tab format and fretboard diagrams so you’ll be able to quickly apply the material right to your guitar.

Guitar instructor and seasoned author Troy Nelson presents 16 easy-to-learn fingerstyle acoustic guitar arrangements of Christmas classics. This is the ultimate songbook for learning beginning finger style guitar holiday songs—fast!

Each song is arranged with the beginner in mind. Yet, even seasoned six-string vets will find the songs fun to play!

This easy guitar Christmas book chocked full of popular songs not only provides guitarists with simple chord-melody arrangements, but also lyrics, chord diagrams, and strum patterns so vocalists can strum and sing each song, as well.

The Song List:

  • Angels We Have Heard on High
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • Away in a Manger
  • Deck the Halls
  • The First Noel
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain
  • Jingle Bells
  • Joy to the World
  • O Christmas Tree
  • O Come All Ye Faithful
  • O Come, O Come Emmanuel
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem
  • Silent Night
  • Up on the Housetop
  • We Three Kings
  • We Wish You a Merry Christm
Excerpts from 16 Easy Christmas Songs for Fingerpicking Guitar

Nothing brings out the emotion of a song quite like fingerpicking. The warm tone generated by bare fin- gers on the guitar strings is an intoxicating sound that some guitarists spend their whole lives chasing.

Fingerpicking can take songs in a direction not afforded by traditional flatpicking, namely because the former enables the guitarist to pluck multiple—and specific—strings simultaneously to create beautiful, lush chord-melody arrangements that are unattainable with only a pick. To hear the difference firsthand, listen to the audio examples that accompany this book. The melody-only tracks are performed with a medium-gauge nylon pick and sound bright and punchy. Meanwhile, the chord-melody tracks are per- formed with bare fingers and sound warm and inviting—the prefect tone for the holiday season! (Intro continued in book)


All 16 songs in this book are arranged in one of three keys—C, G, or Am. However, if you prefer to play any of them in a different key, all you need is a capo. If you’re unfamiliar, a capo is a device that clamps onto the guitar’s neck to shorten the length of the strings, thereby transposing the music to another key, which is determined by the fret on which the capo is placed.


CHORDS: C, G, and F

TIP: You’ll want to use the alternate voicing for the G chord so you can quickly and efficiently switch between C and G chords, playing the melody notes on strings 1–2 with the pinky. The G7 voicing will come into play a few times, as well, so be sure go back to the introduction and review these chords before diving into the song.

WATCH OUT FOR: The chorus. The single notes played along strings 1 and 2 in bars 1–3 and 7–9 are tricky to perform—and especially tricky to perform in time—so be sure to listen to the audio examples to hear how they should be phrased. The tendency is to rush the slides and pull-offs, but they should be played as straight, even 8th notes.