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If you are looking for an accessible, blues beginner friendly book that will give you the essential tools to go deeper, this is the one you want. Bravo to the author for making this topic accessible to a newcomer.
This book started me off on the right foot! It was exactly what I was looking for. It is well-thought-out and it is very generous in what it teaches. This is a great book... for anybody looking to learn the pentatonic scales.
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How to Play Ukulele in 14 Days

New! How to Play Ukulele in 14 Days

Ready to learn how to play ukulele? This book will help you achieve the goal faster than you thought possible! How to Play Ukulele in 14 Days teaches you all the foundational skills you need to play your favorite songs—or even to write your own—on the ukulele, from basic chord shapes and strumming techniques to how those chords fit together to form the progressions heard in the biggest hits in pop, rock, country, folk music. And it can be used with a Concert, Tenor, or Soprano ukulele.

How to Play Jazz Guitar in 14 Days

New! How to Play Jazz Guitar in 14 Days

Let’s be honest: learning jazz is intimidating. But, for those who are new to jazz, much of the intimidation comes from not knowing where to begin. With How to Play Jazz Guitar in 14 Days, they goal is to demystify the genre by breaking down the style’s main components—chords, scales, improvisation, song form—into small, easy-to-digest nuggets so guitarists, no matter their musical background, will have a clear understanding of jazz, and how to play it, in just two weeks.